Clothing Catalog


Sorry about not posting the cataloge’s and their secrets, I woke up late and didn’t have time to take the pics.

Sorry everyone, but here are the new items…

The Elf costumes are back, I hope you like them!

Some new items, The victorian jacket (Kinda like the pirate coat) and a Victorian dress!

And some old stuff, and some new stuff!

Also, The secrets…

Red guitar…

Viking helmet (Open and close 3 times for blue)…

Swimming goggles (Strange for winter)…

And the backgrounds (Highlighted is my favourite)…

And finally, the pin, which is a piece of holly, and is located at the top-right of the Coffee shop

Merry christmas!


Youtube Channel + New Vid

What’s Up Penguins

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel at http://youtube.com/zune91994.

I also made my December Buddie List! This will show all my new buddies on my new penguins plus some of my old buddies.


Please subscribe to me at http://youtube.com/zune91994

~Waddle On 8)


Yellow Puffle ready for adoption

Hello Penguins, Today the yellow puffle is ready for adoption so head down to the pet shop and adopt you selves one. Sorry non-members. You can’t adopt them.



There is also new pet furniture to welcome the new member to the puffle family.


You can do so many interesting things with this new puffle. Here are some of the things that it can do.

Play Time:



Eating Time:




Nap Time:


Bath Time:


Walk Time:


Waddle On! 8)



Membership + Yellow Puffle in Puffle Round Up + upf + new pages

Hello Penguins, I am extremely happy that CPZune91994 is finally a member. I can now buy clothes and get into more servers. Well this is a random post but Just to let me now if you see me around yell “YO ZUNE” if you were my old buddie and I will think about accepting you request. If you were on my old buddie list you will be added A.S.A.P.


In other news the yellow puffle has been spotted again in puffle round up.


PS: I am starting a whole new army called UPF. Stands for Underground Penguin Federation. I have never seen a army called that and I liked the name so since I wasn’t beign used by any big or small armies that will be our new name. I am working hard on our nation, capital, blog, and uniform. Please comment!

PSS: There are two new pages. Finally an adverticing page where you can advertice your site all you want. Also the rate my site page. Please rate my site you guys.

~Waddle On, Zune91994 🙂


Western Party

Hello Penguin, it is 10:30 P.M PST posting the secrets of the western party. I was right. All the clues were right. Lets get started.

Club Penguin brought back the Western Bandana as a free item. You can get it at the plaza.


Next there are two free backgrounds. You can find them at……

The Dock


The Forest


The pin is posted on the sidebar but anyways it is at the cove.

~Waddle On, Zune91994 8)


Western Party Wins + Zune91994

Hello Penguins, Zune91994 here saying that I have a big surprise for you all. Zune91994 will be given a second chance. I hope all the info I sent in was correct. They said that they accept my apoligy but they need to view some private info and then unban me. I am still banned but hopefully they unban me. Keep on sending those emails.

In other news, Western Party Wins. I am sure of it. I found one very good clue.


~ Waddle On, Zune91994 🙂

PS: I want to thank all of you guys who supported me and convinced me too stay. Cpzune91994 will never be a member so keep trying to get Zune91994 unbanned.


Penguin Times + Vital Viper


The newspaper is out today, click on the picture to see it properly…

And here’s a picture of Vital viper!


Pin Update

The pin is in the Coffee Shop!

Penguin Times

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Zune’s chat

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Blog Stats

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Club Penguin

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